Request for Social Denomination

IMPORTANT: The application for company name through this page is to process the constitution of your S.L.N.E. through the face-to-face For telematic processing you should not fill out this form since the application is made directly in the PAE.

            The data entered will be used for the assignment of the Social Denomination and for billing.

            According to the law of New Company, to obtain the Social Denomination, the full name must be stated without abbreviations (name, first surname, second surname), except in the case of people from countries where the use of the second surname is excluded .

            In addition to the cost of making the application for the company name, there is an additional cost of certificate delivery that will depend on the means of notification selected. For more information about the additional costs, access the RMC page by clicking on here

Application Data

Directorate General of Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. Paseo de la Castellana, 162 - 28046 Madrid - Spain.

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